Friday, February 16, 2007

How goes the Greeks?

I’ve finished roughly 160 hoplites (and far too few light troops) for the current ancient Greek army. The plan is to make a large enough force that it can be split and fight many of the battles of the Peloponnesian War era as well as be combined (like Voltron) into one large force for Greek and Persian war games. The main scope of the project will be the late 5th Century B.C. mainly focusing on the Peloponnesian War and act as Xenophon’s famous 10,000.

A selection of generic Greek hoplites that could fill in as Athenians, Corinthians or even Argives.

Another angle of these ferocious beasts. The phalanxes themselves can be arranged easily as either 24 figures or 32 although only 16 are shown here (the most photogenic # for my camera).

Here is a 24 man phalanx of Spartan hoplites. I apologize for the blurry picture as I (like most of the wargaming community it seems) still am not the best at photographing tiny lead men. I based most of the unit on 40x40mm bases with 4 hoplites on each, this makes ranking them up much easier (I also just like the look of it).

A single Spartan from the above unit looking suitably tough.

A smattering of archers. Proportionally I’ve painted a small number of pure light troops (only about 30) so I’ve been using Thracian mercenary peltasts (of which I’ve painted plenty) whenever I can. I need to jump back in and get a bunch more slingers and javelin armed skirmishers done.

The rest of the blog should be filled with notable Greek personalities, battle scenarios and general comments and information about this period in WAB.

Comments encouraged, welcomed and begged for.


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