Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back...and a change of pace

So I'm back...well more accurately I never actually went anywhere.

I pounded out a Greek and Persian force that was the inspiration for this blog and while I had tons of content planned my enthusiasm for all the bloggy bits (taking pictures, researching scenarios, making maps etc...) waned. I moved on to new wargaming projects and my (hobby) time was taken with painting, reading, modeling, terrain building and all the nifty items that get in the way of blog posting.

Now it is 3 years later...multiple projects started (some finished, some abandoned, some "still being worked on") and I want to start regularly posting again.

The one issue that really prevented me from posting was the constrained period of this Blog (Ancient Greek and Persian). I felt like as long as I wasn't working on those figures I had no business blogging on here. That is going to change from here on out. This is a place for all my gaming interests and hopefully someone at least finds it interesting.

If not...I'll just use it as a place to dump my musings for posterity's sake.