Friday, February 23, 2007

The bulk of the force

(Sorry for the dark picture)

This is the bulk of the current Greek force.

2 Phalanxes of Spartans

3 Allied phalanxes

2 units of skirmishers (not in these pictures)

2 big units of Thracians (you can see them hiding in the back)

There are two more units of hoplites not pictured. One wasn’t based yet when the photo was taken…the other are some Vendel hoplites that didn’t quite fit in as well. The Vendel figures were the first hoplites I had painted and are classed in the learning category…so they only come out when necessary.

The army is being bulked out still as I am currently painting light troops (slingers and more javelins are on the painting table). My eventual goal is to be able to do some of the larger hoplite battles such as Mantinea at 1/50 scale. That means I’ll need a core of about 200 hoplites per side. With around 160 hoplites completed I’m less than halfway there…but I’ll keep plugging away. At the same time I’ll be working on Persians as well to try and complete the period.

Detail of the two Spartan phalanxes and one of the allied ones. You can see the Thracian (peltast) unit way in the back corner sulking.

Allied hoplite phalanx.

The two other allied hoplite phalanxes.

The building in the background is from Crescent Root (lovingly purchased by my Girlfriend) and will be used for Xenophon’s march as well as the campaigns of king Agesilaus of Sparta.

Comments, questions or random blathering is highly encouraged.



Eva said...

The photos look good!

alex said...


What paints do you use?

Brinton said...

Generally Foundry and GW. It comes down to the old color by color preference...there are Foundry colors I love, but others are just awful.

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