Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

I ran a scenario of Thermopylae over the weekend at a local convention (Gamex, for those in southern California) as support for our chapter of HMGS-PSW. I’ve written up the whole scenario below for those interested, just look at the post before this appropriately titled Thermopylae (sneaky I know).

I ran the scenario a couple times throughout the day as it is a relatively short game (a little over 2 hours once things get going) and had a load of fun doing it. Here are the pictures I managed to take during the event.

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The Spartans and allies defend the pass while the Phocians face the Immortals on the mountain trail above.

The Greeks start in their position defending the Phocian wall facing the advancing Persian horde in the pass.

Brave Phocians defending the trail against the elite of the Persian Empire.

The Greeks quickly tired of the Persian arrows and attacked in both the pass and the mountain trail. You can see the remnants of the Greek army withdrawing to the left. They had to get off the board before the Immortals flanked them.

The Greeks driving forward pushing the Persians back. The basic Persian infantry just couldn't hold them off for long although their arrows did serious damage when they had the chance.

The Greeks in the pass have pushed all the way to the Persian board edge. They were soon sorrounded and killed but they bought their retreating allies time to get away.

It's a foot race between the withdrawing Greeks in the pass and the Immortals on the mountain trail.

A wide shot of the board built for the scenario.

Scenario cards made for the battle. This allowed me to throw in some random elements to both sides such as Thebans deserting.

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Anonymous said...

Brinton, you do excellent work! I'm inspired to replicate your game at M-Con this year.

Can you tell me the contents of your random even cards?


Brinton said...

I added the contents of the random event cards to the next blog post for you. Let me know if you have any other questions I can answer.

Good luck at M-Con (what is that by the way).


mr. webster said...

Gotta say thanks, I was inspired by your images. Very nice terrain and flocking. Damn brave to build it in your living room.

I'd love to see some close up shots of your Persians and Hoplites.

Matt W.